How meeting Federico Fellini taught him how law enables creativity.

Ed Klaris discusses what to take into account when writing a book or producing a documentary.

Ed Klaris discusses copyright and fair use.

Ed Klaris discusses law and virtual reality.

Ed Klaris discusses how copyright applies to architectural structures.

Interested in learning more? The documents below, by founder Ed Klaris, provide more detail about IP valuation and monetization strategies.

This document explains how investing in robust metadata creation, along with asset management and rights management systems, is crucial for companies to monetize their assets.

A concise roadmap to help corporate leaders to evaluate their intellectual assets and think through the development of meaningful new lines of business in the media and entertainment sector.

A methodology for assessing IP portfolios, identifying gaps, and providing solutions for content companies to better monetize their assets across broader channels and territories, and thus to reach more subscribers, viewers, and members.

Copyright in small bites.

Ed Klaris moderated a panel discussion at a public meeting on Developing the Digital Marketplace for Copyrighted Works organized by The Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force.

An article reviewing U.S. and European law/recent developments in link liability in both the copyright and defamation contexts and providing a checklist of questions an attorney (or editor) ought to ask before deciding, prepublication, whether a proposed link may lead to liability in the U.S. and/or the EU.

An article reviewing recent U.S. and European efforts to regulate the collection of biometric data and how these developments impact augmented and virtual reality companies that collect such data from their users.