Gili Karev

Associate (J.D. 2022)

Gili Karev works on a wide range of both transactional and contentious intellectual property, First Amendment, and production matters for primarily audio production companies and individual content creators. Her practice includes pre-publication review of books and audio content; fair use analysis, and IP strategy and protection on behalf of authors, filmmakers, and production companies.  

Prior to joining Klaris, Gili spent six years working in the art market as the Global Curator of Opera Gallery Group and as a specialized provenance researcher advising private collectors, law firms and art dealers with regards to provenance risks of artworks located or lost in Europe during WWII. 

Gili graduated summa cum laude with a double bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Chinese from Tel Aviv University; has a law degree from City, University of London Law School; and an LL.M from Columbia Law School as a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, where she is currently in the final year of her J.D. During her time at Columbia, Gili has worked for the Kernochan Center of Art and Law and Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and served as a member of the New York City Bar Association (NYCBA) Art Law Committee. 

Gili was the 2001 Australian National Gymnastics Champion and served as a commander sergeant in the Israeli Air Force’s Flight Academy Combat Training Program. She was raised in Israel, Australia, and Japan, is fluent in Hebrew, and now lives between Manhattan and a dairy barn in Connecticut.