Legal Issues in AR

Alexia Bedat discusses legal issues in augmented reality at AR in ACTION (ARIA).

Legal Tips for Podcasters 101

Alexia Bedat explains the importance, negotiation, and drafting process of podcast production agreements for Podcast Movement University.

Photography & the Law 101

Alexia Bedat covers the basics that amateur and professional photographers should have in mind when shooting for Adorama.

AI & Art

Ed Klaris discusses the legal implications of using machine learning & AI to generate new works of art at Christie’s 2019 Art + Tech Summit.

Documentary Legal

Ed Klaris and Alexia Bedat discuss deal making in the documentary filmmaking process.

AI Art and Copyright

Ed Klaris and Alexia Bedat discuss the potential copyright issues that come into play when scanning existing works to generate AI art.

Trademark Portfolio Management

Ed Klaris discusses what to take into account when managing a trademark portfolio.

Ed Klaris speaks with CBC News Network about CNN’s lawsuit

Ed Klaris weighs in on the strength of CNN’s lawsuit to restore Jim Acosta’s press credentials.

Virtual Reality & Art

Ed Klaris on the exploitation and monetization of VR Art.


Ed Klaris discusses how copyright applies to architectural structures.

Law & Virtual Reality

Ed Klaris discusses law and virtual reality.

Copyright & Fair Use

Ed Klaris discusses copyright and fair use.

Content Review

Ed Klaris discusses what to take into account when writing a book or producing a documentary.

Ed Klaris meets Federico Fellini

How meeting Federico Fellini taught him how law enables creativity.


Thought Leadership

Meeting the Industry, recorded live at the Podcast Show (June 2022)
Fresh Ears

Alexia Bedat joins a panel of experts at the Podcast Show, Europe’s breakthrough event for the podcasting community, to discuss the post-lockdown state of the booming podcast industry.

Podcasting Comes to Hollywood (June 2022)
Velocity of Content

Alexia Bedat advises podcast creators to learn the lessons of Hollywood contracts and to seek deals that build on the unique strengths of the new medium.

Why the Podcast Business Won’t Turn Into The Film/TV Business (May 2022)
Sounds Profitable

Alexia Bedat writes about the current state of podcast deals and why such deals are unlikely to replicate film/tv deals.

Alex Jones’ Infowars Bankruptcy (April 2022)
NPR Marketplace (at 0:25)

Ed Klaris discusses the Infowars bankruptcy and its impact on the ongoing defamation lawsuits against its founder Alex Jones after calling 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting a “hoax.”

Miramax v. Tarantino Over Pulp Fiction NFTs (December 2021)
Bloomberg Law Podcast

Lance Koonce discusses Miramax suing filmmaker Quentin Tarantino over the sale of NFTs from the cult classic “Pulp Fiction.” 

Pulp Friction: Miramax, Tarantino NFT IP Rights Under the Gun (December 2021)
Bloomberg Law

Lance Koonce and Louise Carron provide insights into the Miramax v. Tarantino lawsuit involving non-fungible tokens, intellectual property and contract law.

Licensing Comes to Podcasting (October 2021)

Alexia Bedat participates in The Velocity of Content, a podcast by the Copyright Clearance Center, and shares insights on negotiating podcasting licensing deals from both sides of the contract – representing content producers and content providers.

Why Podcast IP Is So Valuable, And How To Make Even More Value (April 2021)
Many podcasters give huge attention to which guest to invite and topics to explore for each episode. While these are essential elements, one important factor in production must never be neglected: podcast IP. Joining Tracy Hazzard is Media Intellectual Property Attorney Alexia Bedat to discuss how podcasters can protect and take full ownership of their work, particularly the audio. Alexia explains the importance of the term “work for hire” in outsourcing contracts, securing partnerships with other shows or organizations, the power of RSS feeds, and shaping your show to become an excellent candidate for adaptations. She also talks about the best approach to the “Fair Use” of other people’s work, guiding podcasts in avoiding any potential legal problem.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Art (2019)
In this ArtTactic podcast, Ed Klaris provides insight into the legal issues involved in artificial intelligence and virtual reality art.

Intellectual Property Due Diligence
In the ABA’s definitive book on Intellectual Property Due Diligence, Ed Klaris provides an unprecedented deep look at the legal issues and processes involved in IP due diligence.
Copyright Due Diligence (PDF)
Trademark Due Diligence (PDF)
Technology, Data and Online Services Due Diligence (PDF)

Link Liability – An EU/US Comparison and Guide (PDF) — Ed Klaris & Alexia Bedat
An update to our article reviewing U.S. and European law/recent developments in link liability in both the copyright and defamation contexts and providing a checklist of questions an attorney (or editor) ought to ask before deciding, prepublication, whether a proposed link may lead to liability in the U.S. and/or the EU. Updates include the Breitbart decision in which a Federal Judge concluded that embedding a Tweet can be copyright infringement.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Biometric Data after 2017 (PDF)
An article reviewing recent U.S. and European efforts to regulate the collection of biometric data and how these developments impact augmented and virtual reality companies that collect such data from their users.

Link Liability – An EU/US Comparison and Guide (PDF)
An article reviewing U.S. and European law/recent developments in link liability in both the copyright and defamation contexts and providing a checklist of questions an attorney (or editor) ought to ask before deciding, prepublication, whether a proposed link may lead to liability in the U.S. and/or the EU.

Developing the Digital Marketplace for Copyrighted Works
Ed Klaris moderated a panel discussion at a public meeting on Developing the Digital Marketplace for Copyrighted Works organized by The Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force.

Work-for-hire or transfer of copyright? Understanding Your Rights (PDF)
Copyright in small bites.

IP Monetization Methodology (PDF)
A methodology for assessing IP portfolios, identifying gaps, and providing solutions for content companies to better monetize their assets across broader channels and territories, and thus to reach more subscribers, viewers, and members.

Key Strategies for Diversifying Revenue Streams in the Media and Entertainment Sector (PDF)
A concise roadmap to help corporate leaders to evaluate their intellectual assets and think through the development of meaningful new lines of business in the media and entertainment sector.

Getting to ROI: Rights Metadata and the Smart Content Life Cycle (PDF)
This document explains how investing in robust metadata creation, along with asset management and rights management systems, is crucial for companies to monetize their assets.

Can C-3PO Register a Copyright and Be Sued for Copyright Infringement, or Is Luke on the Hook?: Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Copyright
In this program, a panel will explain current copyright law and how it relates to issues arising from the growth of artificial intelligence (AI).